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Lifestyle Ball Swingers Party

The Lifestyle Ball

A Las Vegas Erotic Masquerade Swingers Party You Won't Forget

The Lifestyle Ball is the Ultimate Swingers Party in Las Vegas, NV. This Lifestyle Party allows a fun and easy way for Lifestyle Couples to get to know each other and be a bit more outgoing as everyone has the opportunity to wear a Masquerade Mask. The Lifestyle Event generally accompanies either a full or partial Swingers Takeover. The Lifestyle Ball is coming to your City! Read More!

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The Las Vegas Swingers Mansion Party

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The Lifestyle Ball Has United w/

The Swingers Mansion Party Series

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Due to the growing popularity and requests from participating Swingers the Lifestyle Ball has evolved into a Weekly Swingers Lifestyle Event in Las Vegas.

The Lifestyle Ball has combined it's erotic and mysterious masquerade allure with the luxurious and private fun offered by the Swingers Mansion Party Series.

What does this mean?

1. Savings

The Cost for a Massive Swingers Event such as the Lifestyle Ball can sometimes be quite costly. A Mansion Venue has reduced the costs significantly and because the event is being held weekly there are not hundreds of people that need to be accomadated.

2. Frequent Events

Rather than waiting three to four months for each event you can now experience a Lifestyle Ball Weekly on Saturday Nights in Las Vegas, NV.

3. Convenience

The ability to be more open and free at this private party allows many in the Lifestyle the opportunity to be themselves without the confines and rules that are typical of a Public Location.

4. Two Events In One

What could be better than a Lifestyle Ball in conjunction with a Mansion Party.

5. Smaller & More Personal Event

These Mansion Party / Lifestyle Ball Parties are not at the same level as a traditional Lifestyle Ball in that the sheer numbers of participants are significantly lower. This allows for a more interactive and social group that lends to the ability to get to know the attendees a little bit more than a customary "Night Club" type setting.

6. No Need to Rent a Room!

Normally the Lifestyle Ball is in conjuction with a Hotel Takeover or Partial Takeover which requires the participants to book rooms at the resort. Many of the swingers in Las Vegas already have hotel accomedations and love the idea of being able to Play at the Party!

Why Choose to attend the Lifestyle Ball rather than one of

the following forms of Adult Entertainment in Las Vegas?

Strip Club vs Lifestyle Ball:

1. Expectation to Spend Lots of Money - (Strip Club YES) / (Lifestyle Ball NO)

2. Ability to Meet Other Swingers - (Strip Club NOT REALLY) / (Lifestyle Ball YES)

3. Overwhelming Alcohol Costs - (Strip Club YES) / (Lifestyle Ball NO FREE w/ BYOB)

4. Ability to Touch - (Strip Club NO) / (Lifestyle Ball YES)

5. Ability to PLAY - (Strip Club NO) / (Lifestyle Ball YES)

Swingers Club vs Lifestyle Ball:

1. Clean, Safe Environment (Swingers Club Questionable) / (Lifestyle Ball YES)

2. Private Parking (Swingers Club NO) / (Lifestyle Ball YES)

3. Venetian Masks Allowed - (Swingers Club NO) / (Lifestyle Ball YES)

4. Luxurious Setting - (Swingers Club NO) / (Lifestyle Ball YES)

5. Alchol - (Swingers Club NO) / (Lifestyle Ball YES BYOB)

Hotel Party vs Lifestyle Ball:

1. Ample Room - (Hotel Party Questionable) / (Lifestyle Ball YES)

2. Large Number of Play Areas - (Hotel Party NO) / (Lifestyle Ball YES)

3. Internal Night Club - (Hotel Party NO) / (Lifestyle Ball YES)

4. Private Pool & Jacuzzi - (Hotel Party NO) / (Lifestyle Ball YES)

5. Enough People - (Hotel Party Questionable) / (Lifestyle Ball YES)

Escort vs Lifestyle Ball:

1. High Cost - (Escort YES) / (Lifestyle Ball NO)

2. Multiple People to Play with - (Escort NO) / (Lifestyle Ball YES)

3. Ability to Watch Other Action - (Escort NO) / (Lifestyle Ball YES)

4. Play with People that Really Want to - (Escort Questionable) / (Lifestyle Ball YES)

5. Personal Relationships - (Escort Questionable) / (Lifestyle Ball YES)

Summary of Advantages and Accutrements:

Mansion Venue

Close to the Strip

Mansion Venue

Venetian Masks

Play on Premisis

Discreet Location

BYOB Allowed

Party Environment

Private Parking - Valet or Self Parking

Night Club on Premisis


Pool & Jaccuzzi

Massage Tables

Sex Swing

Adult Theater

21 & Older Age Requirement


Let's Have a Ball!

Lifestyle Ball Ticket Includes:

* Admission to the Event
* One Masquerade Mask Per Person
* Adult Related Gift Bag
* Hors d'oeuvres
* Professional Event Photograph
* Disc Jockey or Live Music
* Opportunity to Meet, Mingle & Dance
* Adult Entertainment - Erotic Show
* Option for Speed Dating
*Option for Sexy Games & Prizes
* FREE After Party